Alt Root Foundation

Alt Root Foundation provides the possibility of domain extensions that can be seen in browsers and searchengines all over the world just like the 'first' internet.

The reason behind having started Alt Root in 2011 is that individuals and small organisations get very disadvantaged vs. large brands. We will elaborate on that under + -


We take pleasure in letting your community grow; all over the world it is nice to meet people with the same background or same interest. People can be united by using the same domain extension.

Are you a sailing community and want to be able to easily find eachother on the web? Use .sail as extebsion.
Are you Arab and do you want an internet amongst yourselves? We provide it. Are you Basque and do you want a seperate extension than .es? We make it for you.

Alt Root: flexible, faste and world wide.

is the best way to contact us. We can then organise telephone conversation, meetings, webinars etc.

Seeing both

Our browsers and search engines are made such that you can either see 'only the alt root internet'/second internet, or see the combination of both internets.

New TLD - costs

Chance of succeeding.

If you come with a good, sensible idea. the chance your application is being honoured by alt root is 95%.

With Icann, your chance of succeeding is only 0,5%. Icann has appr. 200 applications per year and only 1 gets approved.

Furthermore, costs of an Icann application are 185 k USD per year; with alt root only 50 k USD one time off.

Alt Root Foundation - new TLD's

Alt Root Foundation is now the SECOND authority on earth that assigns names and numbers for the internet1 Many find it good news that the monopoly of has been broken, now in November 2012 after years of (partly technological preperations.

In other words: do you want a new gTLD? (generalised Top Level Domain, domain extension) --> Come to us. Simply click on above logo to mail us your wishes.

For success, it is CRUCIAL all alt root fans UNITE. Read here why uniting is important, and how AltRoot makes us all happy and prevents enormous rip-off's by ICANN:

AltRootFoundation on Google Plus:
AltRootFoundation on Facebook: and and



Our proven track record: with the Multiwebsphere browser (dowload here) you can see the following extensions (and more): (owner multiwebsphere - intellectual property established and airborn November 12, 2012) (owner multiwebsphere - intellectual property established and airborn August 5, 2013)
http://grep.geek (owner Open Nic)

and many other extensions findeable through Search Engine SEARZ (see Multiwebsphere) or thu search engince http://grep.geek (Open Nic):


There a quite a lot of principal reasons to have a different organisation than ICANN. We mention this in our letter to ICANN, of 5 November 2012:

See our letter to ICANN, 5 November 2012: PDF or jpg1 and jpg2

Alt Root Foundation is inscribed in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, as foundation with non-profit objective.

ICANN is (to our knowledge) inscribed nowhere, it is a branch of the American Ministry of Commerce. ICANN wiki:

The proof we can do it

Proof: download the browser from or straight here and watch in that browsers sites like, etc.

The first company that wanted to partner with us, in the experimental stage at the beginning of 2011, wat 'Multiwebsphere', a German-Dutch internet company. They succesfully applied for the extension .berlin (an extension that was constantly rejected in its applications, by ICANN).

Especially the site has been worked out, and is visible after downloading the multiwebsphere browser on their site. Soon the will release a plug-in as well, for all browsers, so you can keep using your favourite browser. Why a separate browser or plug in is still needed (which will not be the case anymore in nearby future) you can read under 'Technical'


What is possible for you now?


You can register any .berlin name you like, starting on Sunday evening 11 November 2012 21:45 hrs CEST time by sending a mail to



Likewise - send an email to


As organisation, individual, country, city, region, product: do you want your own domain extension? It is possible! Come to us.

What does it take?
- 50.000 USD application fee
- our approval of your plans (95% success if it is just sensible)

It takes us about 3 months to realize. For pros and cons, read further.

There after, domain names can be registered, and websites can be hosted.

The new domains will at least be visible through: