Alt Root

Quick, fast and relatively cheap.

Quick esablishment of intellectual property.


We think the following would be good candidates (amongst hundreds of ideas):

  • .gay
  • .arab
  • .berlin
  • .sail
  • .vlaams
  • .vasco
  • .mormon
  • .caviar
  • .Россия

Yes, also non-Latin scripts are possible as extension as well as domain name!

You can also contact us to help you brainstorming, finding the right extension for your goals.

Alt Root: flexible, faste and world wide.


info@altrootfoundation.orgDefine the goals of your new extension.

Then we can help you:




Procedure application new domain extensions

We keep the procedure simple:

  1. you send us the application form, with no obligation
  2. Alt Root Foundation says yes or no
  3. There after we sign, if we both agree, the application contract
  4. We decide who will have the right to be registrar and at what price and conditions
  5. We prepare the extension - which means: preparing the DNS, altroot browser and altroot search engine
  6. Testing
  7. 'Go' and press release.

info at altrootfoundation dot org

We try to avoid collisions and conflict, so we will not issue another '.com', because after that, only DNS wars would start and 'Intellectual Property' legal proceedings would take place.

If the extension you propose has never be implemented by anybody else, you have the right to do so, and from the moment you are online with content, intellectual property counts and your have the intellectual property over your extension.

Someone else may have proposed for example '.arab' 5 years ago, but if you are the first to implement it (for example because alt root foundation is quicker than Icann), you have the IP rights. exists - by ICANN exists - by AltRootFoundation does not yet exist....


Who will be first to get it approved and put it online, thereby establishing the Intellectual Property rights and registration rights? Mail AltRootFoundation, we have a shorter and cheaper application period, and approve 90% of reasonable applications instead of ICANN's 0,5% until now.