Alt Root Foundation

The organisation is statutory located in Eindhoven, the electronic brainpark of the Netherlands, and has a branch in Berlin.

Alt Root start

The idea and preparation started in early 2011. The foundation was erected end 2011. It took till November 2012 to be able to come out, and to proof everything works, without using any ICANN Domain Name Server.

Should you come across on our site that is not correct, plus mail us. We do not like to spend our time on law and lawyers-battle. We find internet and BUILDING things far more interesting than 'law' and the motive to be given 'right' by a judge.

Alt Root: flexible, faste and world wide.

New extension?

info@altrootfoundation.orgWould you like a new extension? Contact us!

We send you an application form, and after that we give you an estimate what the chance of approval us. You only pay the application fee when we promise a 'go'!

Reaching community

When implementing a new extension, it very much accelerates the popularity if you can already reach you audience outside the internet.

If you cann reach the audience by or a few magazines or TV, they quickly know about it and it will flourish.

New TLD - sense

Pro's and con's - how to obtain new domain extensions

There are two organisations supervising the issueing of new TLD's, Top Level Domains (like .com, . glue, .net etc.):
- AltRoot Foundation (=we)

We will explain the differences and pro's and con's for you.

Alt Root is an independent European (Dutch-German) organisation, raised in 2011.

ICANN is an American organisation, existing since 1998, subsidised by the US government and large brands.

Underneath an overview of advantages and disadvantages:

AltRootFoundation ICANN
  • Application of new extensions: 90% of new, sensible applications is approved after 3 months of study
  • 99,5% of applications is disapproved. Annually, 200 applications are going on, but only one is approved (2011: .XXX, for porn)
  • Application costs: 50.000 USD
  • Application costs: 185.000 USD
  • Quick decision and implementation time: appr. 3 months
  • Decision and implementation time: at least 2 years (and mostly, 99,5%: no go)
  • Privacy for domain owners: no public 'whois database' - that remains secret
  • Public whois database: anyone canbe sued by a party who has more money for lawyers
  • Private requests are possible, as an .mandela extension
  • Private requests not possible
  • An applicant can choose to see the AltRoot internet only, his extensions only, or the total root of AltRoot and Icann together
  • No choice: only Icann internet can be seen
  • Friendly to Arabs, muslims, Chinese, boycot
  • US boycot of US enemies
  • Only obligation to pay the 50.000 USD application fee after we said 'go'
  • With Icann, your are always paying application fee, annually, and regardless of your prospects (which are 0,5%).
  • Quick establishment of Intellectual Property. With AltRoot, you can be online within 3 months, with a new desired extension as for example .arab. The applicants with Icann, maybe already having been fighting for .arab over 5 years, loose: they never implemented it so have no intellectual rights
  • During your Icann application procedure, you have a big change someone else will copy the extension you are fighting for, and will go to AltRoot foundation, implement it quicker than you and thus obtain the intellectual rights over the application.
Only disadvantage of altroot: people have to use altroot browser and altroot search engine to see the domains....BUT: google and other parties may change policy and include alt root  


Extensions already active in the alt root zone - 'Open Nic'

Visible in the alt root zone: .tt, .geek, .glue, .golf and we are quickly expanding!

Download the Multiwebspere browser and look at those domains, like grep.geek

You will not find those extensions in Google, therefore use search engine 'SEARZ'