A bit of tech stuff: how does Alt Root makes its internet work, with new extensions?

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Alt Root: top 3 of the world - with Google, Microsoft.



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We love engineering, but we have to confine ourselves in order:

  • not to bore most people
  • not to give away too much to competition.

How does altroot 'make it'?

We work with domain names, because people can remember names better dan domain name numbers.

As soon as we type a domain name, a requests goes to the two IP numbers preset in your computer. The requests goes to the standard Icann 'IP tree', is being resolved there, and then your requests goes to the hoster of the site of that domain name, and you get to see the site.

Most search engines, like google, are also a bit conservative and 'index' only the American Icann-defined domain names.

AltRoot Foundation made the 'hattrick':

That means that if you type 'scotland.golf' with us and '.golf is executed by us, our browser takes care of the DNS the domain name request has to be send to, even if you have the 'wrong' DNS predefined in your PC. So scotland.golf goes to our DNS, gets resolved and you see the scotland.golf site.

If you would type 'scotland.golf' in Intnernet Explorer, your two US-Icann defined DNS IP numbers would not find it and you would get an error message.

We also provide an alt search engine, because - as golf fan - you find it nice to find more sites dedicated to golf, so our search engine indexes all .golf sites and you can search for them.

Google search will not help you, because they will stick to the US-Icann domain name extensions, and google software contains a line that says 'if not Icann, do not index'.

Second internet in the world

So AltRoot foundation presents the second internet in the world! That can seeminglessly be united with the 'elder, normal internet'. It dependse on how you want us to define the search engine and the browser

DNS + browser + search engine: third in the world

There are only three organisations in the world having all three: DNS + browser + search engine: Google, Microsoft and AltRoot Foundation.